Code of Ethics

  Denturist / Public Relationship

  Denturists shall act to safeguard the public. This is to be achieved by;

I.     Avoiding the incompetent, unethical or illegal practises of Denturism.
II.    Collaborating with other members of the health care community in meeting the health needs of patients.
III.     Guarding against misinformation and misrepresentation concerning dental care and Denturist services.

 Patient Relationship 

     The welfare of the patient should always be paramount and expectation of
  remuneration or lack thereof should not in any way effect the quality of
  service rendered to the patient;

     Absolute honesty should characterise all transactions with patients; 

     Denturists should always be free to accept or reject a patient as is governed
  by the law and their conscience, yet must not abandon the patient without
  due regard to the patient’s future welfare;

     The Denturist owes their patient the highest degree of skill and care of
  which they are capable. To this end they should endeavour to keep abreast
  of all new developments in the field of prosthodontics, allied fields and
  should constantly strive to improve their knowledge and skill in the field of

     The Denturist is required to keep confidential all they may hear or
  observe respecting the private affairs of their patient and the family while in
  the discharge of their professional duties - except when performing a
  service for their patient by submitting necessary information to a third party
  with the consent of the patient or of a responsible relative or guardian;

     The Denturist shall avoid assistance in practices of questionable propriety.

 Professional Relationship

    All reasonable people acknowledge the factor of human error. Success and failure are relative terms. Therefore, disparagement and condemnation of a fellow practitioner should be screened by the golden rule; 

     It is improper to solicit the patients of other Denturists;

     The Denturist will co-operate in extending the effectiveness of the
  profession by interchanging information and experience with other
  Denturists and contributing to the work of technical societies and schools;

     The Denturist will endeavour to extend public knowledge of Prosthodontics
  and will discourage the spreading of untrue and unfair statements
  regarding the profession or other Denturists;

     A Denturist will at all times deal with their associates and their clients with
  the utmost integrity;

     The Denturist will show faith in the worthiness of the profession by
  industrious application to the end that will merit a reputation for quality of

     The Denturist will remember that in building up their business it is not
  necessary to tear down another’s; 

     The Denturist will be loyal to their patients and true to themselves;

     It is the duty of every Denturist to associate themselves with and support
  provincial and national organisations. A Denturist must keep abreast of
  advances by attending conventions, post-graduate courses, continuing
  education and all federal \ provincial legislated requirements and continued